Busk Break

Busk Break is an ongoing series of field recordings of street performers in Asheville, NC. It began in 2010, when I decided to use my lunch break to record a band playing on the street in front of the building I was working at. I had so much fun, that all by breaks from the part-time editing job I had became “busk breaks” for me to rush out and record new performers. The series has documented hundreds of street performers since that time, and has gained an international following through a thriving YouTube channel and Facebook community.

Busk Break on YouTube.

Busk Break on Facebook.

Busk Break website.


Sigil Daily

“Sigil Daily is your daily source for original, artistically created motivational sigils. If you’re a believer in the power of symbols, a dabbler in chaos magick or just someone who likes new ways of expressing ideas, Sigil Daily is for you.”

Created in 2013, Sigil Daily explores the power of symbols, creativity and the power of belief. Decidedly agnostic an neutral towards the supernatural in perspective, the project examines the process of turning an abstract idea or desire into real-world art and image.

Sigil Daily on Tumblr.

Sigil Daily website.


Bitter Black Coffee

Launched as a ‘zine project in the late 1990s, Bitter Black Coffee is a storehouse of weird stories, half-baked cartoons, art of questionable quality and some truly awkward attempts at poetry. These items may not be objectively good, but they are subjectively delightful if you’re on the right wavelength, enjoy the less glamorous side of the creative process, or just like reading goofy content culled from the random notebooks I’ve filled over the past 20 years.

Bitter Black Coffee website.

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